May 11, 2020

Helping the Unilever EU Works Council communicate remotely

For many years, Cii has helped workers' representatives at Unilever to communicate across language barriers.

Until early 2020, multilingual meetings were systematically held onsite, with all delegates and interpreters getting together in the same room in Rotterdam, London, Barcelona or Hamburg.

As the coronavirus spread, onsite meetings were no longer an option, so Cii had to come up with remote meeting solutions supporting simultaneous interpreting in multiple languages.

Did we meet our client's expectations? Read the Unilever UEWC Chairman's testimonial (PDF) to see for yourself!

May 4, 2020

Helping clients make the most of remote meetings

As everyone has realised by now, online virtual gatherings are very different from in-person meetings.

You can't call a quick coffee break and talk one-to-one to iron out a sudden problem. You can't really feel the room or go by body language to understand what somebody may be hinting at. And you can't even assume that delegates won't be "multi-tasking", e.g. working on their computer while attending the meeting.

Cii has been working closely with a couple of regular clients to streamline their meeting agendas, test out shorter meetings with multiple micro-breaks, and make the most of our dedicated over-the-web multilingual conference platform, KUDO.

How does stepping out of the booth feel like? It's a new challenge — that we're taking up together with our clients to reimagine the way multilingual meetings are held.