Cii to provide its clients multilingual web conferencing services on the KUDO platform

The partnership will deliver pro-grade interpreting to clients struggling to keep international communication channels open during COVID-19, and beyond.

15 April 2020.

BRUSSELS. Starting today, Cii will be working with KUDO exclusively to add Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) and multilingual web conferencing to the services it offers clients in Brussels, and beyond.

Cii will be opening a KUDO-based RSI Brussels hub to meet the growing demand for remote meetings, and offer its interpreters the ISO-compliant working environment they have traditionally relied on to do a professional job.

Large or small, CII clients are grappling with how to manage meetings in this new era of working life. Clients who have traditionally needed face-to-face events have found themselves comparing the relative merits of Zoom, Teams or Skype.

But what if the meeting also requires simultaneous interpreting? After extensive comparative review and field testing, Cii is confident that KUDO offers the best overall technical solution to deliver RSI to professional standards.

A Brussels-based organisation with 30 years of experience, Cii is very sensitive to the needs of its discriminating clients. A particular point of concern with over-the-web conferencing solutions is security and privacy. KUDO version 3.0 makes it easy to comply with EU data protection rules by hosting the service in an EU-based cloud.

With roots in the audio-visual equipment industry, KUDO is ideally positioned to provide value-added remote delivery solutions that thrive on partnerships with qualified and experienced interpreters.

“We were looking for a standards-compliant platform that offers the security features and reliability our clients require to make the jump and run their multilingual meetings on, with the interpreters they've always trusted to do the job. This is an exciting opportunity for Cii and Brussels-based freelance interpreters”,
Vincent Buck, Cii Technical Officer.

The KUDO-Cii partnership was approved by Cii associates on April 10.

Current travel restrictions mean Cii’s immediate focus will be on training and testing interpreters who may be called on to work from home on the KUDO platform. Cii has developed a test suite to make sure that every interpreter doing so has the right equipment and the skills required to make seamless multilingual communication happen.

Cii will also advise clients on how to gear up for remote meetings and adapt their agendas and practices so that remote multilingual meet-ups are conducted effectively and efficiently.

About Cii

Conference Interpreters International (Cii) is a Brussels-based company that delivers conference interpreting services to the highest professional standards. Since 1990, Cii has arranged thousands of teams of interpreters to the satisfaction of business and institutional clients in Brussels and beyond. Cii has been officially recognised as consultant interpreters by the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC).

About KUDO

KUDO is a cloud-based collaboration platform that enables web meetings and live conferences with real-time multilateral language interpretation. KUDO supports more effective and inclusive meetings by allowing people and businesses to overcome communication barriers and speak their own language. Accessible from anywhere, on any device, KUDO redefines possibilities in global communication. KUDO, Inc. is a New-York based technology startup founded and managed by language and conferencing industry insiders looking to bring people together. More info at